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White Privilege/Racism


Resources to help you learn about racism, white privilege and more.

Embracing the Beloved Community is a seven-week biblical study for Sunday School classes or other groups to dive into the ways God calls the church to embrace diversity. The curriculum is designed for congregations new to this topic to journey together in an exploration of the sin of racism and Christ’s vision for the Kingdom of God on Earth.

You can download both the participant’s and facilitator’s guide using the form on this page. The participant’s guide contains group prayers, Scripture, biblical reflection, journal prompts and homework videos. The facilitator’s guide adds notes for leading each session, including worship music suggestions for use during moments of reflection.

Who Will Be a Witness: Getting into good trouble This video is a presentation done by Drew Hart from Messiah University for Bluffton University’s Spiritual Life Week Forum.  It is an excellent and informative talk, tracing the history of white supremacy from “Christian” supremacy going all the way back to Constantine. He describes the corruption of theology and the Christian life as a result of such supremacy and illustrates these deformations with his own personal experiences as a college student. And he offers a stirring call to recover the story and life of Jesus as the center of the Christian life as a ground for living faithfully and making “good trouble.”


Resources that can be used in congregational worship.


Acting Together

Resources to help us translate our belief into action

Families & Children

Resources from the MC USA Faith Formation website

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