Spirit, bless our souls with yearning!


Welcome Delegates!

Welcome, Delegates! You are an important group of people within Central District Conference. Acting on behalf of your congregation, you determine major policy issues, evaluate the work of the Board of Directors, and discern the voice of the Spirit in the midst of the conference.

Welcome from the CDC Board President

Delegate Expectations

Discussion Guidelines for Delegates

Share suggestions for CDC Leadership Positions

2021 Report Book PDF

Action Items

2020 Minutes

2021-2022 Proposed Spending Plan

2021-2022 Proposed SP Visual Report

2021-2022 Slate of Nominees


Finance, Staff and Conference Committee Reports

2020-2021 YTD Balance Report

2020-2021 YTD Income and Expense Report

2020-2021 YTD Income and Expense Visual Report

2020-2021 YTD Congregational Giving

Conference Minister’s Report

June 1, 2020-May 31, 2021 Ministerial Credential Report

Annual Meeting Locations and Presidents Listing


Conference Committee Reports

Camp Friedenswald

Journey Report

Ministerial Committee

Missional Church Committee

CDC Mennonite Women

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