Camp Friedenswald Board

Evan Miller (Open Table Mennonite Fellowship)

Todd Kirkton

Todd Kirkton (Eighth Street Mennonite)

Alita Yoder (Silverwood Mennonite)

Jerry Nussbaum

Jerry Nussbaum (Columbus Mennonite)

Teresa Dutchersmith (Faith Mennonite)

Peter Suter (First Mennonite Bluffton)

Matt Troyer (Silverwood Mennonite)

Deanna Risser

(Assembly Mennonite Church)

Kendra Yoder (Southside Fellowship)


Jenna Liechty Martin, development associate for Mennonite Mission Network

Jenna Liechty Martin, Executive Director


Election. The Camp Friedenswald Board shall consist, in part, of nine members elected by the Conference, three to be elected each year for a term of three years.

  • The Camp Friedenswald Board may also consist of an additional one to six at-large members, to be appointed by the Camp Friedenswald Board. At-large members shall serve a term of three years. All at-large appointments are to be approved by the Central District Conference Board of Directors, prior to their being asked to serve.


  • The Board shall be responsible for the care, maintenance, and development of the Camp Friedenswald property.
  • The Camp Friedenswald Board shall also formulate policies, plan overall program schedule, and appoint leaders to carry out the program.

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