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Bluffton University and Musselman Library serve as the official repository for the Central District Conference of Mennonite Church USA and its member congregations. The CDC Archives is housed on the Archives & Special Collections floor of Musselman Library.

The CDC Archives works in partnership with the Central District Conference Historian.

Congregational records take many forms. Some types of congregational records should be kept locally, either because they have current administrative use or because they are valuable as a permanent local record.  Some types of congregational records and or copies of them can be considered for transfer to the conference archives.  Use this chart as a guideline for considering the retention, transfer, or disposal of congregational records.  Always consult with the conference or denominational archivist if you have questions.

Guide for archiving records

perry bush
Perry Bush
Carrie Phillips
Carrie Phillips
Archives & Special Collections Coordinator
Bluffton University


  1. Keep track of historically pertinent facts (events, trends, decisions, etc) about Central District Conference. The Historian will receive minutes of all Board and committee meetins, as well as puruse The Reporter for pertinent information.
  2. Be a resource to the CDC system. The Historian will be invited to attend Board meetings when a historical perspective is needed.
  3. Encourage congregations to gather materials for archival reposits. The Historian will communicate annually to each congregation remiding them of the need to keep good records and transfer materials to the CDC Archives at Bluffton University.
  4. Submit an annual summary of transitions and hightlights, celebrations and commemoratons (Year in Review) to the CDC Report Book.
  5. Assist in the publication of any historical resource. The Historian will serve on any committee instructied to write a historical review of CDC.
  6. Invite others or appoint a task group as needed to assist in filling expectations.
  7. Consult with the Board President, office staff, and MC USA Historian as needed.

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