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Healthy Boundaries Training

Credentialed clergy throughout MC USA are responsible for participating in a Healthy Boundaries Training.  This 7-8 hour training identifies the complexity of the relationships we have in our ministries and provides essential understandings and practical ways to manage these relational and ethical boundaries with integrity and faithfulness.  Ultimately, the goal is to enhance our ministries through tending to appropriate, safe and healthy boundaries.

The Central District Conference Ministerial Committee is expecting all credentialed clergy who are actively serving in ministry to complete a Healthy Boundaries Training.  All clergy new to CDC are expected to complete the training one year after beginning their ministry.  Refresher courses will be required every three years following the initial training. Each congregation is encouraged to send a lay leader for training as well. an elder, deacon, PCRC member, council member or other leader might be considered.

Recognizing that those serving in chaplaincy, educational settings or other non-congregational ministries may have similar requirements from their employer, we are not requiring you to repeat this training as long as it addresses similar content to that presented by FaithTrust Institute.  You are required to provide documentation regarding such training. Specifically, training topics include:

  • Christian Biblical and Theological Foundations for Maintaining Boundaries
  • Boundary Basics for Clergy and Spiritual Teachers
  • Dating, Friendships, and Dual Relationships
  • The Pulpit, Transference, Hugging and Touch, Intimacy
  • Preserving Boundaries: Personal and Professional Health
  • Understanding Cultural Differences Related to Boundaries

CDC Healthy Boundaries Training

In addition to an overview of establishing and maintaining healthy boundaries in ministry, the course will include trauma-informed responses to critical incidents, self-care, and an overview of safe-church policies.

HBT 201

  • When: June 20, 2024, 10a-4p Eastern Time
  • Where: Goshen College, Newcomer Center 17
  • Leaders: Michael Danner and Nancy Kauffman
  • Cost: $40 for CDC clergy, $50 for non-CDC clergy
  • Participants must also purchase the HBT 201 workbook through Amazon
  • Registration deadline: June 10, 2024

Healthy Boundaries Registration Form

  • $0.00
  • MasterCard
    Supported Credit Cards: MasterCard, Visa

Mennonite Church USA Healthy Boundaries Training

Healthy Boundaries Trainings across MC USA are available.  See a schedule and register here.

Request for Recognition of Alternative Healthy Boundaries Training

Central District Conference Healthy Boundaries Training Policy

Request for Recognition of Alternative Training for Healthy Boundaries

This form is to be used by Central District Conference clergy serving outside of congregational-based ministry and who are requesting recognition for training received in lieu of Healthy Boundaries Training as provided by CDC and MC USA. You may fill out the form below or download the request form.

Request for Recognition of Alternative Training for Healthy Boundaries

Please provide documentation of your participation in the training event such as one of the following:

  • a copy of a certificate of completion
  • registration receipt along with event description
  • other documentation which demonstrates your participation in the training event

When completed, return this form and supporting documentation to the Central District Conference office at 1015 Division St, Goshen, IN 46528 or email to

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