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Task Groups

Missional Activities: a brief description of ways CDC congregations are engaging in joining in God’s work in the world.

The Missional Church Committee is seeking to identify and support God’s missional spirit rising in our midst using Missional Task Groups. Missional Task Groups provide ways for people who have a special passion or expertise or an issue to connect and work together to initiate Christian witness to that activity. Examples of Missional Task Groups might include:

  • Witnessing against the death penalty
  • Encouraging adult spiritual/faith formation
  • Initiating new church plants
  • Addressing violent crime/immigration/human trafficking issues
  • Supporting junior or senior high youth work
  • Encouraging prayer ministries
  • Witnessing via military counter recruiting

If you have observed a need and have a special interest/passion for a missional focus, the Missional Church Committee invites you to consider forming a Task Group. See Task Group Formation Guidelines for more information. The committee will help connect you with others who have similar interest and assist you if forming a Task Group. (See Missional Activities for a list of what some congregations in the conference are passionate about.) If you have already connected with others, the committee invites you to form a Task Group. Missional Task Groups are a recommended venue through which to apply for Reign of God Grant funding.

To apply, fill out the online application below

OR send your task group application to Central District Conference, 1015 Division St, Goshen, IN 46528.

The Missional Church Committee will review and take action on the application. A committee member will be assigned to serve as the link between the committee and task group.

Task Group Application

Missional Task Group Formation Guidelines

Task Groups

  • NamePhoneEmail 
  • Purpose of task group
  • List measurable goals for the task group
  • Funding request [optional] (Please provide details and narrative.)
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
    Beginning date of task group
  • Name of task group representative
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