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Civil Rights Pilgrimage

Posted on February 5, 2024

Central District Conference is working with Mennonite Mission Network to host a Civil Rights Pilgrimage. Anyone in Central District is welcome to participate. Size of the group is limited to 12. We would like to have 12 people representing 12 different congregations.

When: May 7-14, 2024
Registration Deadline: April 2
Cost: $250 per person*
Contact us at (574) 534-1485 or 

 Your pilgrimage begins with a guided walking tour in Georgia. Then travel to Alabama and Mississippi. 
Learn about the struggle for dignity and humanity from museums, significant locations, and powerful memorials. 

Hear first-hand stories and reflections from people who participated in the civil rights movement. 

Learn from others who unpack the significance of the civil rights movement, and the way in which this is an ongoing struggle for justice and equality that invites us to participate. 

Enjoy prayer and fellowship with Mission Network partners. 

*This covers transportation, lodging (double occupancy), most meals, museums, and speakers. $500 of actual cost is being covered by Central District Conference for members of Central District. The registration cost does not cover transportation to Atlanta and from Jackson.

Itinerary Highlights

 • Travel to Atlanta, GA 
 • Racial Justice walking tour of Atlanta 
 • National Memorial for Peace and Justice 
 • Legacy Museum in Montgomery 
 • Tour of Montgomery 
 • Tour of Philadelphia, MS 
 • Tour of Meridian 
 • Worship at Open Door Mennonite Church in Jackson, MS 
 • Mississippi Civil Rights Museum 
 • Tour of Jackson 
 • Ending celebration 
 • Travel home from Jackson, MS  


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