Missional Church Committee


Karla Minter (Open Table Mennonite Fellowship)

Xaris Martinez (Chapel Hill Mennonite Fellowship)

Tim Stair (Hively Avenue Mennonite)

Kiva Nice-Webb

Kiva Nice-Webb (Chicago Community Mennonite)

Matthew Pritchard (Atlanta Mennonite)

Valerie Showalter (Shalom Mennonite Congregation)


Mark Rupp (Columbus Mennonite)


This committee shall consist of nine members, three elected each year for three year terms. The Conference Ministry staff are ex-officio member(s). Individual committee members may have experience and expertise in various facets of congregational life, such as worship, nurture, evangelism, education, peace and justice. It will intentionally link with MC USA resources.


  • Encourage use of denominational and conference resources, nurturing congregations in developing and mobilizing their missional potential.
  • Be alert to congregational needs and special interests, linking congregations to appropriate resources and to other congregations with similar interests.
  • Encourage missional partnerships.
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