Ministerial Committee

Brian Bolton

(Shalom Mennonite Congregation)

Gayle Gerber Koontz

(Assembly Mennonite Church)

Ruth Guengerich (Eighth Street Mennonite Church)

Michael Crosby (First Mennonite Urbana)

Robin Walton (Columbus Mennonite Church)

Robin Walton (Columbus Mennonite Church)

Drew Strait (Keller Park Church)


This committee shall consist of six members, at least three of whom shall be pastors. Two shall be elected each year for a term of three years. The Conference Ministry staff will serve as ex-officio member(s).


  • It shall be the duty of the Ministerial Committee to be available to churches and pastors in their church-pastor relationship, offering their counsel, support, and service as needed.
  • The committee shall counsel with congregations seeking pastoral leadership with pastors called to serve congregations in the District. In cooperation with congregations they shall examine candidates for pastoral, chaplaincy, and missionary service, grant licenses, and perform ordinations (see A Mennonite Polity for Ministerial Leadership or  MC USA webpage  for procedures), and assist in a service marking the beginning of a person’s ministry.
  • The committee shall provide opportunities for personal growth and professional improvement for pastors.
  • The committee shall give attention to the call and nurturing of Anabaptist leadership. It shall link with the MC USA Ministerial Leadership and Congregational Life Team.


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