Everence Pastoral Financial Wellness Program

Matching grant of up to $2,500 plus 20 percent “gross up” for taxes, funded by a Lilly Endowment grant
awarded to Everence® to address the unique financial challenges that many pastors face. Maximum grant
amount would assist a pastor with $5,000 of expenses ($2,500 matching funds and $2,500 pastoral
financial assistance grant) plus $1,000 for taxes (20 percent – also split by the two sources). Total of
$6,000 split between the pastoral financial assistance grant and the match amount.

Getting started
Before submitting a pastoral financial assistance grant application, please arrange a conversation with
1) an Everence financial advisor or 2) an LSS Financial Counseling credit counselor to begin the financial
education component of this grant.

To find an Everence advisor near you, visit everence.com. You may also call Patty Skelton, Everence
Administrative Assistant, or Beryl Jantzi, Everence Director of Stewardship Education, at (800) 442-7930.

To connect with a credit counselor from LSS Financial Counseling, call (877) 809-0039. Counselors are
available to help pastors in both English and Spanish.

Who is eligible?
Credentialed and active pastors from any Everence-affiliated church who have not previously received this

Eligible expenses
Various kinds of debt including educational, medical and credit card debt. Other financial concerns will be

Grant restrictions
Examples of ineligible expenses are scholarship for seminary tuition or continuing education, sabbatical
expenses, salary or benefit assistance, or office and home upgrades.

Funding availability
This is a three-year program, beginning in 2019 and concluding in 2021. Pastors who did not receive this
benefit between 2016-2018 are eligible to access this fund one time between 2019-2021, or as long as
funds last.

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